Weekly Specials

Join us for dinner on Easter Sunday, April 21st. We will be offering our regular menu along with Seasonal Favorites detailed below.   
Call us at 775-246-4400 for reservations. 
Menu Additions for April 16 – 21
Tequila Lime Shrimp
Tossed with Pappardelle Pasta
Menu additions below served 
Wednesday through Sunday
Seared Ahi
Served with a Cucumber Salsa and Lemon Chive Aioli

Sand Dab Almondine
Served with Toasted Rice and Fresh Vegetables.   
Pork Kebabs
Finished with a Ginger Molasses Barbecue Sauce. 
Served with Pepper Jack Macaroni and Cheese 
and Fresh Vegetables.
New York Steak
Topped with a Jack Daniels Pepper Corn Sauce. 
Served  with Mashed Potatoes and Fresh Vegetables.

Mixed Fruit Shortcake
Easter Sunday

Prime Rib
Served with Mashed Potatoes and Fresh Vegetables.
Garlic Rosemary Leg of Lamb
Served with Roasted Red Potatoes and Fresh Vegetables.
Baked Ham 
Finished with a Brown Sugar Mustard Sauce.
Served with Scalloped Sweet Potatoes and Fresh Vegetables.