Our Reopening

To our wonderful customers

We have missed you all so much and look forward to seeing you all in person real soon. This shutdown has been extremely hard on almost everyone. We so appreciate all of you who have supported us through our curbside take out.   

We are both happy and nervous to announce that we are cautiously opening our dining room this week. We will reopen on Tuesday June 2nd for inside dining. We are so excited to see you all, but it will be a different experience for sure. This is all new territory for us, so we ask for your patience and kindness as we navigate this new world.

In keeping with all state mandates (which are a bit confusing) and because we want to keep you and our staff safe here’s just some of what we are doing:

  • Anyone serving you will wear a mask
  • As we have always done, tables will be sanitized between patrons, the towels we use are soaked in a commercial sanitizer.
  • We will wash our hands often and provide hand sanitizer to customers on request.
  • Condiments will be provided on request and containers wiped with sanitizer between patrons.
  • We will adhere to social distancing protocols, which means seating every other table.
  • Unfortunately, we can’t allow seating at the bar.

We will do our best to provide you with the quality dining experience you have come to enjoy at Js’. We want to serve as many of you as we can while still complying with the state requirements of limiting capacity and social distancing. Because of that we strongly advise reservations. Please call the restaurant directly to make one at 775-246-4400. We ask that you not text or call individual employees with reservation requests to minimize any confusion. Because of limited tables we also won’t be able to accommodate specific table requests.

We will seat people without reservations if we have available space. Please note that patrons are not allowed to wait inside for a table. And again, we are unable to allow seating at the bar. We plan to seat until about 7:30 for now. We would also appreciate it if you would not park directly in front of the building so we can continue to use if for take out dining.

We will still continue curbside take out. The phone will open at 3:30 to take orders. We may have to limit the available times due to inside dining. The person taking your order will let you know. If you are picking up your order, please wait in your car and we’ll bring it to you.

Again, we look forward to seeing everyone, but please remember this is new and somewhat concerning territory for us. We will make adjustments as needed along the way.

We are hopeful that the restrictions will be eased in the near future. In the meantime, we will do our best to give you the great dining experience you’ve come to expect at Js’.